My name is Erika Tenney, and I am an artist at Desert Hippie Arts and an instructor at Paint Pour Academy. My grandmother was a professional oil painting artist, and she gave me a love for art. She gave my sister and me drawing classes during our time as children. As much as I loved watching her and her work, I quickly found that drawing and structured painting were not for me. When my kids were little, I started scrapbooking, and I found myself falling in love with mixed-media art. In 2017, I discovered acrylic pouring, and I loved how unpredictable this technique was and how enjoyable it was to experiment with the paint. I was hooked!

Desert Hippie Arts started as a family-based business at our kitchen table. I had so much fun creating art that I decided to start selling it at outdoor events and to close friends. The response was excellent, so I decided to offer in-person classes to show others how they can create their beautiful masterpieces. The in-person classes had a tremendous response, but they are limited to my hometown, Tucson, AZ. I decided to take the next step and offer online courses with additional information and techniques, such as Resin Art and creative gift ideas.

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