Traveling Tree Ring Pour | Technique Variation

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Pouring Rings of FUN!

In my last post, I showed some examples of the Tree Ring Paint Pour technique (also known as the Ring Pour or Tree Ring Acrylic Paint Pour technique). This technique is SUPER FUN and versatile to play with. In this post, I will show you a variation of the Ring Pour called the TRAVELING Tree Ring Pour.

Have you ever tried the Tree Ring Acrylic Paint Pouring Technique yet? If not, you should go try it as soon as you read this article and then go post your results in our community Facebook group. I would LOVE to see your work!

Traveling Tree Ring Pour Erika Tenney

What is the Tree Ring Acrylic Pour Painting Technique?

The Tree Ring Paint Pour technique (also known as the Ring Pour or Tree Ring Acrylic Paint Pour technique) is easy to do with stunning results. Paint is layered into the pour cup and then slowly poured onto the canvas creating rings that mimic the rings on a tree. When the canvas is tilted, the bands of color grow and stretch.

This technique is an excellent beginner’s paint pouring technique to learn and master. It involves the artist learning how to layer the cup, how to pour the paint onto the canvas without mixing the colors, and how to tilt the canvas without over-stretching the bands of color.

What is the TRAVELING Tree Ring Acrylic Pour Painting Technique?

The TRAVELING Tree Ring Pour is the same technique as the standard Tree Ring Pour, except that one side of the canvas is elevated so that the paint can “travel” across the surface. Stunning and amazing effects can be created with this variation. In my video below, I used two 8-ounce cups of paint that traveled across the canvas.

The video below demonstrates how I used the TRAVELING Tree Ring Pour to create a beautiful landscape scene. I used cool colors in one cup and warm colors in another cup, and I “traveled” them across the canvas, then I tilted the canvas. What do you think about this variation to the Tree Ring Pour?

Traveling Tree Ring Pour with GOLD PEARLS

Traveling Tree Ring Pour with Gold Pearls Erika Tenney

With this traveling ring pour piece, I decided instead of a regular Tree Ring Pour. I wanted to do a Traveling Tree Ring Pour to see if I could achieve the same effects. This one turned out simple and subtle. At first, I was a little disappointed at how many gold pearls did not appear, but the more I look at this piece, the more I am in love with it.

In these trials, I mixed my colored paints 3 parts Floetrol to 1 part paint, and I mixed the DecoArt 24K Gold 2 parts Floetrol to 1 part paint. This technique is super fun to watch because of the contrast of colors between the purples and the gold. I can’t wait to try this with other color combinations to see what happens.

Here are the Supplies I Used:

Black and White Traveling Tree Ring Pour

In this painting, I mixed my paints until they were a heavy cream consistency, and then I add them into my split cup paint pouring cup. Once the cup was full, I then poured the paint on one side of the canvas using the Tree Ring Pour technique while I lifted the canvas. This creates a TRAVELING Tree Ring Pour technique. Then, I SPUN the canvas and watched it grow over the surface, making sure the edges were covered.

Here are the Supplies I Used:

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