Monsoons Tap & Grill New Bar Top Renovation

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Paint Pouring a 21-foot Bar

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused restaurants and bars to close their dining rooms but allowed take-out and delivery options. This closure created hardship for many family-owned restaurants. Some restaurants took advantage of the closure to get some upgrades and repair work completed. We are grateful to be able to help with this bar top renovation project.

Monsoons Tap and Grill is an example of turning a hard situation into something that creates a positive experience for their customers when their dining room opens. 

Monsoons Tap & Grill painted bar top renovation
Monsoons Tap & Grill painted bar top renovation
Monsoons Tap and Grill bartop rennovation Paint Pour Academy

The first plan for the bar top was to purchase professional Arizona storm photo prints and have those across the length of the bar with a layer of resin to protect them. But because of the shipping limitations, the pandemic created another plan that had to be developed. Bruce Ross, a friend of the owners, suggested creating the bar top similar to the artwork we have hanging on their walls. The owners thought that was a great idea and would compliment the classes and parties we hold at their location as well.

When Monsoons Tap and Grill owners called to tell us of their idea, we said yes immediately! Since the day the restaurant opened, we have been frequent patrons because of the family community they have created. 

To be able to help them renovate their bar top is a great honor and a labor of love that we can provide to the community.

CLICK HERE to see the bar top renovation video on YouTube, and let us know what you think of this project!

Fun Facts about the bar top renovation

  • Removing the existing blue bar top & prepping the wood took 4 full days.
  • The 21-foot bar top took about 10 hours over 3 days to paint.
  • Paint pouring techniques used: Flip Cup, Ribbon Pour, Swipe, Sheelee Art Bloom Pour, and Dutch Pour
  • It took about 3 days for the resin to be poured and worked.
  • It was applied in layers. Approximately 5 gallons of resin were used.

The art, protected by resin, will last for years and provide a lifetime of memories.

Monsoons Tap and Grill opened their doors in 2013. The owners, Adam, Kari, and Danny, take pride in their restaurant and work very hard to make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience and a delicious meal. 

A lot of hard work went into creating the restaurant. It had to be exactly right. They wanted a place where their patrons could be proud to go. They wanted to be the “Cheers” of Tucson – “Where everyone knows your name.” It was a great show and a great concept. They put it 14 big screen T.V.’s so everyone could enjoy any and every game they wanted to watch. They call themselves a Sports Restaurant.   They plan on being here for a long time and want to thank all of their new friends for stopping by. They hope to make adventure.many more new friends as the years roll on.

Monsoons Tap and Grill

To be able to help them with their bar top renovation is a great honor and a labor of love that we can provide to the community.

This was a fun project to work on! How do you think it turned out? Contact us to let us know, or visit our YouTube page and comment on the video.

Would you like to know more about Monsoons Tap & Grill? Watch this video below Brian Brindley created:

We will see you soon at Monsoons Tap & Grill!

6781 N Thornydale Rd., Tucson, AZ 85741, (520) 219-0301


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