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Janchun CLOUDY Resin Experiment | How to Fix Cloudy Resin

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Janchun CLOUDY Resin Experiment | How to Fix Cloudy Resin

Hi 👋🏼 In this Janchun CLOUDY Resin Experiment, I am sharing my experience with you regarding a recent epoxy resin order I received.

I ordered Janchun Epoxy Resin and the Part “A” bottle arrived cloudy. Janchun sent me a message saying they are aware of the cloudiness and suggested steps to make it clear again. I thought I would share with you my experience.

Janchun CLOUDY Resin Experiment

Message from seller JANCHUN:

Dear buyer, Thank you very much for choosing our epoxy resin. If you receive a cloudy resin,please don’t worry,follow the steps,it will become crystal clear again. Usually it’s crystal clear and low viscosity,due to the high resin content of this batch, cloudiness may occur when the temperature is low.

Step 1:Please pre-warm A in a warm water 10 mins bath before processing.(122°F – 140°F),it will become crystal clear again.

Step 2:If it still does not work, please continue to boil in hot water above 176 degrees until it becomes transparent. Please check user manual if you need more help. Hope you enjoy it and have a great resin time! Any questions or suggest you can reply to this email,we will find you a best solution!

Yours sincerely,

JANCHUN Customer Service Group

I am pleasantly surprised by how quickly this worked and how AWESOME their customer service was to send me the notice before my order arrived at my door.


I hope this video helps you! Let me know what your experience has been.

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