How to Clean Silicone Cups and Molds After Using Resin

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How to clean silicone cups and molds

How to Clean Silicone Cups and Molds After Using Resin

Resin projects are so much fun, but clean-up can be a bit of a challenge. A question frequently asked in the Resin Art community is, “How do I clean my silicone cups and molds after my resin project?”

There are several ways to clean your silicone tools after your projects. I have created this post to help guide you on the options other resin artists are using. How are YOU cleaning your silicone cups and molds after using resin in them? Please comment on this post and share your thoughts with our Resin Art community.

How I Clean my Silicone Cups and Molds

As soon as I am finished using my silicone cups and tools, I wipe them out with paper towels and baby wipes. This is the fastest and easiest way to clean my tools.

If I have been working on a project longer than planned, I let the resin cure on my silicone cups and tools and then pull it off once cured. This is ok with some tools but not for all.

Once the resin has cured on my silicone cups and molds, I will use a lint roller to help pick up the small resin bits and pieces that are left behind when I remove the cured resin.

Sometimes, I use Frog Tape to clean my resin molds. Here is a video I created to help show you how I use the Frog Tape.

Cleaning Silicone Cups and Molds | Fluid Art with Erika

Silicone Cups and Molds Cleaning Idea List

Here is a list of ideas from Resin Artists in the Resin Art Community on Facebook:

I use hand sanitizer. The thickness is great. A few squirts and some lint-free wipes. Once all residue is gone, pop in the sun until dry.. just like new ~ Binny S.
Packing tape. The only time I washed my molds, I ruined them 😞 ~ Natalie P.
I use baby wipes as soon as I am finished. I don’t let it dry. ~ Danielle J.
I let it dry, then peel it off. Use a lint roller for the little pieces. ~ Kat F.
I clean mine with alcohol wipes immediately after use, and once in a while, I do a long warm soak in a bowl with a tiny bit of soap and a good rinse 😉 ~ Carol Ann W.
Alcohol and baby wipes 👍 ~ Dave T.
I leave a small amount of mixed resin in them, turn them upside down, and let them set overnight. The next morning, you can peel them out in one piece. Cherie B.
I put mine all in a 5-gallon bucket of hot water and dish soap and let them soak. The just clean them with my hands. Good As new! ~ Leigh Ann D.
duct tape! wrap your fingers in a small piece and it gets everything. I used to have the same issue until I learned about the duct tape trick ~ Kelly B.
I clean mine out with a paper towel then baby wiped. Good as new. No washing is required. ~ Denise M.
I just cleaned up all my silicone measuring cups, pads, and molds last night. Soak in hot soapy water. ~ Ann S.
I always use alcohol and paper towels and clean them out right away, but you can also let it dry and peel it out ~ Tammi H.
I filled a silicone cup with alcohol… put all of my stirrers in there immediately after use and wiped clean with a baby wipe the next day! ~ Lisamarie M.
I pour the leftover resin into small molds then use the store-brand cleaning wipes to wipe them out immediately after using the cup. The easiest way I’ve found so far. ~ Amy G.
99% alcohol, spray it in the cup right after you’re done with it, then use baby wipes or alcohol-dampened paper towels and wipe it all out. You may have to do this process a couple of times but it definitely works ~ Susan G.
I usually leave a popsicle stick in any leftover and then pull it out in the morning, though turning it upside works as well. I just like popsicle stick jellyfish 🤣 ~ Elizabeth R.
Dunk in warm water, then with a gloved hand, rub gently with Dish soap. Dry with a kitchen towel, comes off a charm x ~ Samantha P.
Alcohol. Either clean the cups immediately after use or set them upside down or on their side to dry. I pour some alcohol into the cup and let it sit for a second, then wipe it clean with a towel. ~ Rath I.
I used to use acetone but that seemed like it wore them out too quickly. Nothing like doing a new pour and having a big “resin snot” come out of the cup! I found that if I pop out the cured resin and give it a good bath in hot soapy DAWN water, it gets them pretty clean and “snot free” ~ Marian S.
I use baby wipes; I just have to be patient. Sometimes, I use a little dish soap for sticky leftovers. Then, anything hardened into little dots, I use packing tape to get. And exactly what Rheanna L. said: Alcohol will dry out the silicone and destroy it much faster if you aren’t careful with it. ~ Alyssa T.

How do you clean your silicone cups and molds? Comment on this post and let me know!

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