Homemade Holidays – Fluid Art Gifts you can make!

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Homemade Holidays – Fluid Art Gifts you can make!

I LOVE homemade gifts! Receiving a unique gift that is filled with love is a treasure that will be kept and appreciated for years to come. Fluid Art gifts are fun to make and give as a gift.

Here are a few fluid art gift ideas that I know you will love to make and be proud to give to your friends and family. You can also find more fluid art gift ideas on my YouTube channel playlist. This playlist is updated as I create more ideas to inspire you!

Fluid Art Gift Ideas blog post

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Simple Heart Frame Wood Frame Painted With Acrylic Paint Pouring Techniques

Hi 👋🏼 I purchased these wood heart frames at Michaels Arts & Crafts, and I thought I would show you how I paint them. These are so much fun to work on, and GIVE AS A HANDMADE FLUID ART GIFT!



Hi 👋🏼 I thought it was time that I showed you how I make my paint pour necklaces. These are SUPER EASY and FUN to make and the results are STUNNING! This is a terrific handmade fluid art gift idea for your friends and family!

{NOTE: An alternate way to create acrylic paint pouring necklaces and jewelry is to use acrylic skins. Here is a quick video on how I create my acrylic paint skins: https://youtu.be/KDnqkVTyVcQ . With these skins, you will glue the dried acrylic skin to the bezel and then glue the glass cabochon onto the skin. Easy!)


Simple Doodle Art Embellishing on Paint Pouring Canvas Art

Hi👋🏼 I LOVE Acrylic Paint Pouring, but sometimes the designs need a little more to finish the story the art is trying to tell. Being a child of the ’80s, doodling has been a long-time practice of mine (especially during history class in high school, lol!)

I am very excited to share with you my Ice Princess! I had so much fun making her, and I thought you would love to make her, also! I have created an online tutorial course on www.PaintPourAcademy.com. This course includes the template I created for this project, a downloadable workbook to guide you along the way, and my doodle practice sheets so you can learn this art before you work on your original Paint pour canvas art.

This doodle art project will make a treasured fluid art gift!


Resin Glass Vase with Dimensional Paint and Alcohol Ink

Hi👋🏼 Welcome to my art studio (A.K.A my spare bedroom!) Have I told you how much I LOVE to pour resin on glass vases? I thought I would try something a little different this time. I have some dimensional paint that I drew on the glass vase and let dry for 24 hours. I then added clear resin and dropped alcohol ink on it. Super fun and stunning results! This resin glass vase project will make a perfect fluid art gift for your loved ones.


Easy Silhouette Paint Pouring: Horse

Hi 👋🏼I have been seeing some beautiful paint pour silhouette horse projects posted in some of my Facebook groups and I really wanted to try this technique for myself. I am glad I did… this was a super fun project!

I premixed my paints to a fluid consistency and then I added the paint in various ways including using a small, plastic palette knife that worked beautifully. Not only has it allowed me to swipe the colors it is letting me add some accent lines by using the tip of this palette knife. I do recommend you have a small variety of pallet knives in your collection. This will help you achieve some beautiful and original effects in your masterpieces.

Creating a paint pour silhouette horse will make a unique fluid art gift for your family and friends.


How to Make a Sparkling Resin Dominoes Set Start to Finish

Hi 👋🏼 Resin Dominoes makes a super fun fluid art gift for your family to enjoy! After my previous learning experience video with making a Resin Dominoes set, I decided to try it again. This time, it was much easier, and the results were stunning! In this resin tutorial, I will show you how I created these Resin Dominoes in 4 days: Day 1 is the first layer, Day 2 is the second layer, Day 3 is filling in the dots, and Day 4 is cleaning the Dominoes.


How to make a Resin Clutch Purse

Hi 👋🏼 I am having so much fun creating fluid art purses and tote bags that I decided to try a resin clutch bag version. I found a resin clutch purse mold kit on Amazon.com, and I bought it. When I received it, I realized I needed to purchase a second kit because it only came with one mold, and I wanted to work on the front and the back of the purse simultaneously. I was glad I purchased the second kit!

In this resin clutch tutorial, the molds are similar to the sides of a resin box that will be glued into the frame after the resin has cured. I love the colors I selected for this project, especially the gold flakes resin (gold leaf flakes that I stirred into clear resin). I applied this after I added color to the sides. Then I used the colored resin around the gold leaf resin. It turned out simply beautiful… this is a perfect fluid art gift idea!


Resin and Temporary Tattoos on Glass Vase

Hi 👋🏼 In this resin tutorial video, I am demonstrating how I decorated a glass vase using resin and temporary tattoos to create a BEAUTIFUL AND SUPER FUN art piece… Super fun and unique fluid art gift idea!


Wood Heart Blooms – HOW TO create this easy DIY project

Painting on these wood shapes was fun and easy to do. I did not prep the wood shapes, and I can see the grain through the dried paint, which I like. I sealed the dried pieces with Crystal Clear Enamel spray paint and then embellished them with flowers and ribbon. I LOVE how these turned out! What do you think about this fluid art gift idea?



Hi👋🏼 I thought it would be fun to make some resin bookmarks. This makes an easy gift to create, and they are fun to make! You can use so many fun things to make these bookmarks your own… buttons, stickers, flowers, photos…. use your imagination! I hope this video inspires you to create your own fluid art gift.

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