How to make Stunning GALAXY PAINT POURING art

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What is a galaxy paint pouring art?

Hi! 👋🏼 I have been wanting to create some Galaxy Paint Pouring art for a long, long time. I thought a great way to paint a galaxy masterpiece was by using the Dutch Paint Pour technique. The Dutch Paint Pour technique can be considered one of the new acrylic pour techniques considering it was created by Rinske Douna, and the first acrylic paint pours first emerged in the 1930s from an artist named David Alfaro Siqueiros.

The Dutch Paint Pour technique is such an interesting and complex technique to complete. It looks simple… just get a hairdryer out and start blowing paint around, but for some reason, I have always been unhappy with the results. “Practice makes perfect,” and I am glad I kept practicing. I am so happy with the results of my Galaxy Series!

❤️❤️And have I ever told you how much I LOVE FOLK ART COLOR SHIFT PAINTS? ❤️❤️ The colors are AMAZING and work perfectly as galaxy paint pouring colors for this project!

I created a total of 6 videos in my Dutch Pour Galaxy Series. All of my galaxy acrylic pour painting ideas are named after similar Nebula images I found online. I love how the cells popped up in unspecific areas in the paintings… the cells look like paint pouring stars!


How do you make Galaxy Paint Pouring art?

Step 1: Gather your supplies and set up your painting space. Be sure to allow enough space to paint because you will be blowing paint with a hairdryer!

Step 2: Mix all of your galaxy paint pour colors to a fluid consistency. I like to think of the consistency of warm honey when I mix my paints. Don’t be hard on yourself when mixing paint. Just do the best you can to get the consistency of each color as similar as you can. (OPTIONAL) Add silicone oil to each color if desired. For my galaxy paint pours, I did not add silicone.

Step 3: Cover the canvas surface, edges, and corners with black paint.

Step 4: In any pattern or design you want, start adding the colored paints on top of the black paint. Watch my videos for inspiration. I tried several different designs to see how the paints would flow. Don’t forget to have fun with this step!

Step 5: Take your hairdryer on the cold setting (if available) and on low speed, and start to push the paint with the air. TIP: I discovered I had more control over the air if I placed my hand over the nozzle and then guided it to the paint.

Step 6: After you are finished pushing the paint with the hairdryer, consider using a torch to help release air bubbles (optional). Since you are adding air into the paint with the hairdryer, you will see a lot of air bubbles. I had fun watching the air bubbles released in my videos.

Step 7: Let your Galaxy Masterpiece fully dry, and then seal with your favorite sealing method!

🎨A TIP FROM ME TO YOU ❤: It can be easy to get frustrated when creating art. Trust the process, trust YOURSELF and enjoy your creative journey!🎨

Show me your art!

I would LOVE to see your results! If you are on Facebook, post your results in my community group. If you are not on Facebook, send me an email with your image results.

My Dried Paint Results (unsealed)

Galaxy Paint Pouring

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