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Introducing the Resin Art Project Planner

My Resin Art Project Planner was created to help all artists organize their thoughts and their notes into a traditional binder. It includes a cover page, a detail page for you to list your project information, a page to list your favorite artists and their general contact information, a resin tool inventory page, a pigment and color inventory page, a resin mold inventory page, and a page to take notes as needed. This Resin Art Project Planner is a digital download and you can print as many pages as needed!

Resin Art Project Planner

What’s New on the Blog

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Updates to the Fluid Art with Erika YouTube Channel

Grab my book on Amazon!

Acrylic Paint Pouring Techniques – Level 1

I am SUPER EXCITED to share some news with you… my book is now available on! This book is an updated version of my eBook that is available in my beginner’s course at The photo above is of my author’s proof copy.

SEE THE BOOK PREVIEW: If you click on the link and then click on the book image on Amazon, you can see the first few pages of the book: CLICK HERE to see my book on Amazon!

Fluid Art With Erika
fluid-art  Paint Pour Academy

Updates to Online Fluid Art Classes at Paint Pour Academy


Acrylic Paint Pouring Techniques: eClass and eBook for Beginners

A beginner’s step-by-step instruction course for the Flip Cup, Dirty Pour, Tree Ring, Puddle Pour, Dip Pour, Swipe fluid art techniques. Learn how to create your own Pouring Medium, mix paint, and more!

INCLUDES: 15 Video and written lessons, 3 eBook downloads, supply list, private Facebook support community

Acrylic Paint Pouring Techniques Level 1


Purchase Paint Pouring Art at Desert Hippie Arts

Did you know that Desert Hippie Arts is where I sell my art? You will find some of my acrylic paint pouring canvas art, acrylic paint pouring necklaces, resin art, my first book, and merchandise printed with some of my designs.


Desert Hippie Arts Market 1

FREE ONLINE TOOL: Acrylic Pouring Paint Calculator

Acrylic Paint Pouring Calculator Desert Hippie Arts 1

Knowing how much paint to use can be a frustration for some artists. While mixing more paint than needed for your project is best, mixing too much paint can be time-consuming and sometimes wasteful. When I first started learning about paint mixing, I watched so many videos that said, “use about this much” or “just eyeball it.” These learning techniques may work for some, but I had difficulty feeling confident to start learning until I watched more to learn what “just eyeball it” really meant.

I have created two calculators for you to use to help determine how much paint is needed for your project. These calculators are a FREE resource to assist you with your project. And, they are simple to use! You will enter the height and width of your square or rectangle surface (or diameter if using a circle surface) and the depth of the side of your surface. The calculators will give you the approximate ounces of paint you need to complete your project!

I hope you are excited about these updates as I am. I will check in with you next week and share more fluid art fun with you!

Thank you for supporting my art, and thank you for painting with me!

Much love ❤️,


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