Fluid Art Collaboration: Red for Women, June 2024

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Fluid Art Collaboration: Red for Women, June 2024

As artists, we have the unique ability to communicate powerful messages and inspire change through our work. June 24, 2024, marks the second anniversary of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and the Women’s March is calling for a nationwide day of action. In solidarity, I am encouraging our Fluid Art Community to come together for a special collaborative project in support of women and allies everywhere. Here’s how you can join us in this artistic movement for change.

What is the Women’s Strike?

The Women’s Strike on June 24, 2024, is a protest against the ongoing erosion of women’s rights in the United States. On this day, women and allies are encouraged to take a stand by refraining from work, school, and spending money (except at women-owned businesses). This strike aims to highlight women’s critical roles in society and push back against legislation restricting reproductive rights and bodily autonomy​ (WomensMarch)​​ (The Daily Dot)​.

Fluid Art Collaboration: Red for Women, June 2024 | Fluid Art with Erika

Our Fluid Art Collaboration: Red for Women

In support of our Women’s rights, I am organizing a collaborative fluid art project, Red for Women, that invites artists from all over to create and share Fluid Art pieces in shades of red that support women. This initiative showcases our community’s talent and serves as a powerful statement of unity and resistance.

Why is RED an important color for the Women’s Strike?

Red is an important color for the Women’s Strike for several reasons, symbolizing various aspects of the movement and its goals:

  1. Historical Significance: Red has long been associated with resistance and social movements. It is a color that stands out and grabs attention, making it ideal for protests and demonstrations. Historically, red has been used by labor movements and suffragettes to symbolize the struggle for rights and equality.
  2. Symbol of Power and Determination: Red conveys strength, power, and determination. It is a bold color representing the fierce resolve of women and allies fighting for their rights and freedoms. The choice of red underscores the urgency and seriousness of the issues at hand, such as reproductive rights and bodily autonomy.
  3. Visibility and Solidarity: Wearing red creates a visual unity among participants, making the movement more visible and cohesive. It serves as a rallying point, fostering a sense of community and solidarity. When large groups of people wear the same color, it visually amplifies the presence and impact of the protest, showing that many stand together for the cause.
  4. Cultural and Emotional Impact: Red is a color that evokes strong emotions and reactions. It is often associated with passion, love, and courage, but also with warning and alertness. This duality makes it a powerful color for conveying the passion behind the fight for women’s rights and the alertness needed to combat ongoing threats to these rights.
  5. Inspirational Precedents: The use of red in the Women’s Strike draws inspiration from past movements where the color played a significant role. For example, the 1975 Icelandic women’s strike, known as the “Women’s Day Off,” saw women wearing red as they walked out of their jobs and homes to protest gender inequality. This historical reference adds depth and context to the current movement.

By wearing red, participants in the Women’s Strike, not only honor these historical precedents but also reinforce the powerful messages of unity, strength, and determination that are crucial to the success of the movement.

For more information on the Women’s Strike and its symbolism, you can visit the Women’s March website and related event pages​ (The Daily Dot)​​ (WomensMarch)​​ (VisitRaleigh.com)​.

Fluid Art Collaboration: Red for Women, June 2024 | Fluid Art with Erika

How You Can Participate

  • Create Themed Artwork: Use your fluid art techniques to create Fluid Art that reflects the color theme (RED) of women’s rights, empowerment, and bodily autonomy. You can use any Fluid Art or Mixed Media technique that you want.
  • Share on Social Media: Post your creations on social media using hashtags #PaintPourAcademy #WomensStrike2024 #FluidArtForChange #ArtForEquality and #WomenInArt. This helps to spread the word and connect with a larger audience.
  • Submit Your Art to this Site: Fill out the following form, including an image of your artwork, and it will be added to this page as an online gallery.

Women’s Strike 2024

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Why This Matters

Art has always been a powerful tool for social change. By participating in this collaboration, you are not only expressing your artistic talent but also standing in solidarity with millions of women and allies fighting for their rights. Your art can inspire, educate, and mobilize others to take action.

Inspiration and Resources

For inspiration, look to historical examples of art in activism, such as the posters of the Civil Rights Movement or feminist art from the 1970s. Additionally, visit the Women’s March website for more information on the strike and its objectives.

Our Fluid Art Community has a unique opportunity to contribute to the Women’s Strike in a meaningful way. Through our art, we can send a powerful message of resistance and hope. Join us in this collaborative effort and let your creativity be a force for change.

Let’s paint for equality, for rights, and for the future we believe in.

Fluid Art Collaboration: Red for Women, June 2024 | Fluid Art with Erika

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