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I named this masterpiece “Fire Flower”

Hi! 👋🏼 Some call it Fire Pour Painting, some call it Flame Pour Painting, and some call it Inferno Pour Painting. No matter what name it is given, I thought it was time to create some FIRE and FLAME ACRYLIC PAINT POURING art with my hairdryer! I LOVE this technique, and I am making more acrylic pour that looks like fire to add to my collection.

In this FIRE and FLAME ACRYLIC PAINT POURING video, I created an INFERNO on a 10 “x10” canvas, and it will be sealed with crystal clear enamel once dried. I used ColorShift paint from FolkArt, and I LOVE the shifting color effects it gives the flames. Creating fire acrylic paint pouring masterpieces is so much fun!

Blowing the paint around the canvas to make the acrylic paint pouring flames is almost relaxing. What do you think? I like to paint pour flames on black paint and then watch the paint move around the canvas with the hairdryer.


Fire and flame effects Paint Pour Academy
I named this masterpiece “Dragon’s Breath”


I created these Fire & Flame acrylic paint pouring masterpieces by using the Dutch Paint Pouring technique. This technique is so much fun because it uses a hairdryer to move the paint around the canvas.

A WORD OF CAUTION: Make sure that you allow enough space in your room for painting. When you use air to move paint around, there is a good chance the paint will end up on your walls or furniture. A little clean-up work might be needed after your fun!

After I mix my acrylic paints to a fluid consistency, I begin by covering my canvas surface with black paint, making sure that the edges and sides are covered.

Then, I start to layer the colors over the canvas. You can use any design to layer your colors. You will see in my YouTube videos that I tried different layering designs to achieve different effects:

  1. I layered the paints toward the bottom of the canvas to achieve an Inferno effect.
  2. I puddled the paints in the center of the canvas to achieve the flower or bloom effect.
  3. I layered the paints from corner to corner to achieve a raging fire effect.
  4. I layer the paints in one corner of the canvas to achieve a fireball effect.
  5. I layered the paints in a squiggle line to achieve another raging fire effect.

You can watch how I completed all these effects by CLICKING HERE!

Once the colored paints have been applied to the canvas, now it is time to use the hair dryer to blow the paints around the surface. I like to put my hand over the nozzle of the hairdryer and guide it to my starting point. This helps reduce the paint mess around my room, and it helps to have a cleaner design.

Push the paint around the canvas as you desire, and do not be afraid of adding more paint in certain areas as needed. Let your painting rest for a moment, stand back and take a look and repeat if needed. Using a heat tool or torch for acrylic pouring is optional.


I like to use Rust-Oleum Gloss Crystal Clear Enamel to seal my acrylic paint pour masterpieces: (This can also be purchased at Craft Stores, Home Depot, Lowes, and Ace Hardware.)

I love how this lightweight product provides a glossy finish to my paintings. In this video, I am outside in my backyard in Tucson, AZ. I do recommend you spray outside because of the fumes and overspray. If you have to be indoors when you spray, please follow the safety precautions listed on the bottle and be safe!

Watch all Five FIRE and FLAME ACRYLIC POUR PAINTING Techniques

I named this masterpiece “Inferno”
I named this masterpiece “Fireball”
I named this masterpiece “Inferno 2”


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