Amazon’s Top Resin Art Supplies 2023

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Welcome to a vibrant world where creativity knows no bounds – “Amazon’s Top Resin Art Supplies 2023.” Unleash your artistic prowess as we dive into the realm of resin art, exploring the finest materials and tools that Amazon has to offer this year. Whether you’re a seasoned resin artist seeking the latest innovations or a newcomer eager to embark on a colorful journey, this curated list will guide you through the essential supplies that promise to elevate your resin artistry to new heights. Join us as we navigate the digital aisles of Amazon to discover the must-haves that will transform your imagination into stunning, tangible creations.

Below are some the Amazon’s Top Resin Art Supplies that I found to be best sellers in 2023. What are your favorite supplies you used this year? Let me know!

Kisrel Epoxy Resin Kit

Amazon's Top Resin Art Supplies 2023
  • Includes 32OZ clear resin, 32OZ clear hardener, 2 x 300ml measuring cups, 2 x plastic spatulas, 10 x wooden stirring sticks, 2 x gloves. Everything you need to start your project is included, perfect for experienced people and beginners.
  • Crystal clear, easy to mix, fewer bubbles and self-defoaming self-leveling function, safe and non-toxic, filler does not settle after mixing, easy to complete perfect works without worry.
  • Glossy surface after the table top epoxy resin is cured, perfect texture, no yellowing, and high-temperature resistance, wear-resistant and durable, ideal for projects such as desktop coating.
  • Epoxy resin 1:1 is easy to mix, 8 hours drying and 24 hours curing, resin heat dissipation temperature is not high and will not damage the mold, easy to use and very suitable.
  • Ideal for casting, coating, artwork, suitable for coasters, countertops, crafts, jewelry making, painting, molds, woodwork, etc. Create your great works.

Epoxy Resin Pigment

Amazon's Top Resin Art Supplies 2023
  • Total 16 beautiful translucent colors liquid epoxy pigment, Fluorescent green, Green, Royal blue, White, Yellow, Golden, Orange, Pink, Blue, Rose Red, Red, Fuchsia, Lemon yellow, Black, Purple, and coffee. Each resin colorant 10ml/0.35oz. All of these resin pigment liquids are safely and securely packed in a gift box, with no spills and leakage.
  • The resin dye can mix well into resin, and these epoxy resin color pigments are very concentrated, just a little drop can go a long way! It also can be mixed with another epoxy colorant to achieve the desired color or mixed with the white color to achieve opacity. Vibrant epoxy resin pigment liquid will never run short of creativity! A little can go a long way!
  • These resin pigments can be widely used in resin jewelry and crafts decorations, jewelry making, paint, garment accessories, or other DIY making. This set also comes with 3 colors of gold foil flakes, adding more creativity to your artwork. Come and decorate your life with pretty resin crafts!
  • These liquid resin dyes are sealed in bottles. Beginner-friendly and the experienced/veteran can enjoy it as well, the squeeze bottles make it easy to control your drops so that you can get the perfect shade every time. Please wrap the nozzle with tissue when cutting to avoid spatter.

Rolio Mica Powder Pearlescent Color Pigment

Amazon's Top Resin Art Supplies 2023
  • VIBRANT COLOR OPTIONS – Rolio Mica Powder is available in a variety of vibrant colors that will really make your project pop! Rolio’s pigment mix is easy to use and versatile for use on a variety of projects! Please note, that the powder is loose and there may be some excess Mica Powder on the outside of the jar.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE – Rolio’s artisan-made colors use stronger pigment to give you the exact color you need without using a ton of powder. A little powder goes a long way!
  • CRAFTING CREATIVELY – Make your next DIY project pop! Use safe, cosmetic-grade pigments for your art project or scrapbooking. Perfect for epoxy resin, car freshies, hand soaps, candles, acrylic and fiberglass nails, slime, nail polish, and even makeup!
  • FINE PIGMENTS – Rolio’s fine pigments are formulated by artists and craftsmen to be safe and easy to use for any project. Each resealable jar contains approximately 10 grams / 0.35 oz of resin pigments.

LEOBRO Glitter, Fine Glitter for Resin, Set of 32 Colors Glitter

Amazon's Top Resin Art Supplies 2023
  • 32 MULTI-COLOR GLITTER SET: Features 32 Assorted bright and sparkling colors of fine glitter, including white, snow white, sky blue, aqua blue, fluorescent blue, royal blue, lake blue, blue, metal blue, forest green, fluorescent green, green, apple green, purple, plum, violet, mulberry, rose red, red, pink, magenta, silver, classic gray, orange, yellow, fluorescent, gold, black, brown, champagne gold, gold green, copper red.
  • Terrific Fine Glitter for DIY Projects: 32 jars of glitter powder, 7.6g/jar, packed well with sealed plastic jars, each jar is filled with 5 grams of extra fine glitter powder, a total of 160g. Despite the small size, this exquisite 32-jar extra fine glitter set will allow you to mix and match any colors you like, adding more fun and creativity to your personalized projects.
  • Beautiful, Sparkly Craft Glitter: Stunning fine glitter, with wide application in making shining epoxy resin crafts & epoxy tumblers. Our glitter powder is extra fine and with a nice texture, can mix into epoxy naturally. Plus this glitter set can be mixed with paint or glue, adding extra dimension and sparkle to your art projects.

Janchun Epoxy Resin

Amazon's Top Resin Art Supplies 2023
  • Super Easy to Mix and Apply – 8oz Premium Clear + 8oz Premium Clear Epoxy Hardener. Easily and smoothly mix in a 1:1 ratio. It cures clear and sets hard as a rock. Perfectly formulated to be mixed with the color of your choice for vivid, stunning results. Use your imagination to create a unique Christmas DIY gift or make some beautiful Christmas decorations for your home!
  • High Gloss Durable Finish – Self-leveling, and self-degassing. It allows you to create a perfectly transparent finish. It has very few bubbles compared with others, with a water-like quality that naturally de-foams and leaves no ripples, resulting in a solid glass-like project.
  • Safe for Confident Use -Suitable for beginners and starters. Specifically formulated for artists, it has a low odor, is non-toxic, and emits no fumes. It is resistant to yellowing from UV exposure, ensuring your beautiful artwork and colors remain stable and long-lasting.

140 Pcs Dried Pressed Flowers for Resin

Amazon's Top Resin Art Supplies 2023
  • 🌼140 PCS Natural Pressed Flowers in Total🌼Made of Natural Pressed flowers and greenery, 140 Pcs Cruzix Dry Flowers Kit keeps the color, shape, and scent of fresh herbs, they are suitable gifts for your family members or friends who are craft lovers, also large quantity flowers can be used to make meaningful crafts or home office decorations.
  • 🌼Beautiful colors & Nice Variety🌼Colorful various flowers are enough for scrapbook decorations, resin supplies, resin fillers, and epoxy molds such as combs, coasters, keychains, Handmade Jewelry, resin frames inside tiny flowers, Multi-used for daily like Soap, Bath Bombs, Candle Making Supplies, Phone Case DIY, Handmade Jewelry, Face Makeup, Nail Art, with vibrant colors (Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Red, Orange) that will immediately highlight your creation.
  • 🌼Sealed Safely in Airtight Package🌼Vacuumed sealed package helps to prevent breakage or damage during shipping, and ensure that each flower is intact.4-pack individual flattened portable packages make your use of dried flowers more convenient; the variety of flower species and colors is nice and the size works well for dry flower art projects.

LET’S RESIN Resin Kits and Molds Complete Set

Amazon's Top Resin Art Supplies 2023
  • LET’S RESIN RESIN STARTER KIT WITH MOLDS – This resin kits and molds complete set contains 4 kinds of silicone resin casting molds, 16oz epoxy resin, 12 colors glitter set, 12 real dried flowers and other helpful tools like measure cups, wooden sticks, gloves, and plastic droppers. Resin starter kit with everything you need, very friendly to beginners. Ensure you’ll have all you need to create stunning resin art quickly and easily.
  • RESIN STARTER KIT WITH 16OZ EPOXY RESIN – LET’S RESIN specially provides 16oz epoxy resin, including 8 fl. oz. Resin part, 8 fl. oz.Hardener part. Mix the resin A and harden B with 1:1 by volume ratio then it’s ready to use. One-step molding, no need worries the fisheye or unevenness.
  • PREMIUM EPOXY RESIN KIT WITH MOLDS – LET’S RESIN silicone resin molds are made of safe and durable silicone material with excellent quality and superior high tear strength. They are durable and not easily deformed making your art crafts keeping precise. These casting molds are also compatible with most resins or other casting materials such as epoxy resin, soap, wax, candle, etc.

Holographic Chunky and Fine Glitter Mix, 45 Colors Festival Chunky Sequins & Fine Glitter Powder, Iridescent Glitter Flakes

Amazon's Top Resin Art Supplies 2023
  • ✅Safe to Use: The chunky and fine mixed glitter is made of high-quality grade pigments compliant with safety standards, non-toxic, and biodegradable, removing glitter from body art or other surfaces can be undertaken at ease, with some water or cosmetic remover, cloth wipes.
  • 🎨Pretty & Lovely colors: The holographic and iridescent chunky glitter set has 45 beautiful sparkle colors, and includes different series of gold, silver, burgundy, pink, blue, green, and so on. Our glitter comes prepacked in a cute clear bottle with an open lid for easy application. Just free your imagination to mix colors, sufficient quantity meets your different needs on various occasions
  • 💋 Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Chunky Glitter: Vegan and safe for use on hair face and body makeup, Linwulte cosmetic grade glitter is made of high-quality, non-toxic PET (polyester) material. Heat resistant, not easy to fade, no irritating odor. Apply the charming glitter on your nails, eyes, lips, collarbone, or arms to make you glitter in the crowd.

Resin Molds Silicone Kit 20Pcs, Epoxy Resin Molds Including Sphere, Cube, Pyramid, Square, and Round

Amazon's Top Resin Art Supplies 2023
  • Sturdy Silicone Molds for Resin: Loyohep’s resin silicone molds are made of strong silicone resin using advanced technology. Excellent high tear strength, smooth inner surface, and reusable epoxy mold. You can easily use and de-mold. It is best to use Loyohep brand epoxy resin production projects. Please use it together.
  • VARIOUS SHAPES: 7Pcs casting molds including Sphere, Cube, Pyramid, Square, and Round, To meet your various needs. Equipped with decorative sequins, tweezers, measuring cups, gloves, sticks, and droppers for use. To make your creation more convenient.
  • EASY TO RELEASE AND CLEAN: Keep the resin molds smooth and clean interior before use, so it’s easy to twist the silicone mold and pop out your finished resin items after it’s completely cured; clean the epoxy molds with soap and water and store them away from direct sunshine and dust.

KISREL 18 Pieces Resin Coaster Molds, Coaster Molds for Epoxy Resin

Amazon's Top Resin Art Supplies 2023
  • 【18 Pieces Resin Coaster Molds Kit】:Including 5 round coasters, 5 square coasters, 5 octagonal coasters, and 3 round, rectangular, and square collection coaster storage box. Specially designed mold size, different shapes of coasters and storage boxes can be freely combined to give you more choices.
  • 【Upgraded Design Coaster Resin Mold】:Upgraded the outer ring of the coaster mold’s edge, increasing the thickness of the mold and bottom support, making sure the mold does not deform after pouring in the liquid resin.
  • 【 High-Quality Material】:Silicone coaster molds are made of silicone, which has excellent elasticity and strong tear resistance, and the rubber mold is easy to use and clean, which ensures the reuse of the mold.

Alumilite Dye Liquid Color Tint Black (1 oz) Highly Concentrated Colorant or Pigment for Casting Resins

Amazon's Top Resin Art Supplies 2023
  • Versatile Use: Add Alumilite dyes to clear or opaque resins, or with epoxy for dynamic coatings, to achieve translucent or solid colors.
  • Concentrated Formula: Use the smallest amount possible (up to 5%) to achieve the desired color as Alumilite dyes are highly concentrated.
  • Precise Measurement: Add a speck of dye to the tip of a stir stick to achieve accurate color in small resin batches.
  • Consistent Color: Agitate or stir opaque dyes to prevent fillers from settling at the bottom of the bottle and maintain consistent color.
  • Wide Range of Colors: Choose from a wide range of colors, including translucent green, yellow, red, blue, brown, orange, violet, and ocean blue, as well as opaque white, black, flo red, flo orange, flo yellow, flo green, flo pink, tan, beige, and dark brown.

219Pcs Resin Kit for Beginners, Thrilez Resin Mold Kit with Resin Molds Silicone and Epoxy Resin Supplies Include Dried Flowers, Foil Flakes, Necklace Cord, Earring Hooks for DIY Jewelry Making

Amazon's Top Resin Art Supplies 2023
  • WARM TIPS- Mix epoxy resin A and B in a 1:1 ratio; Influenced by the temperature, it usually takes 24 hours to solidify in summer and longer in winter; Use a toothpick to concentrate the air bubbles on the surface of the resin; For more detailed steps, please refer to the instructions in the package and the video linked to the details page
  • GREAT AMOUNT OF 219PCS RESIN MOLDS Kit – Thrilez resin jewelry kit includes 10pcs jewelry molds, 2pcs epoxy resin with 22pcs tools, 12pcs glitters(12colors), 10pcs necklace cord, keychains and earring hooks supplies(130pcs), 12pcs plastic tools, a twist drill (with 4 pieces twist bits), 35pcs flowers, 3pcs foil flakes, a storage bag, valuable resin kit for resin starters
  • NECESSARY AB EPOXY RESIN ARE INCLUDED – This resin molds jewelry-making kit contains 2 bottles of A(clear) and B(hardener)epoxy resin with measure cups, stick stirs, and finger cots, which is essential for a resin jewelry project
  • HIGH-ELASTICITY SILICONE MATERIAL – These resin silicone molds are made of safe and high-elasticity material. They are durable and smooth, making them not easy to tear and deform
  • SUFFICIENT NECKLACE CORD & EARRING MAKING ACCESSORIES – The resin mold silicone kit comes with a sufficient amount of necklaces, earring hooks, etc. You don’t need to buy them separately, just start to make charming jewelry only with this set

Glow in The Dark Powder 12 Colors

Amazon's Top Resin Art Supplies 2023
  • 🌈Lighting Principle: After being irradiated by UV light, blacklight or ultraviolet light, the glow-in-the-dark powder stores the light energy and then slowly releases it as fluorescence after stopping the light irradiation, so you can still see the luminous powder at night or in the dark. (Recommended lighting more than half an hour)
  • 🌈Safe & Non-toxic: Our SEISSO glow-in-the-dark pigment powder is non-radioactive, non-irritating, harmless, and odorless, not only used as a glow pigment powder for body or makeup art in various party activities but also used as an additive colorant in following transparent media to create crafts: epoxy resin, acrylic paint, ink, nails oil, slime, glue, etc.
  • 🌈Stable Structure (below 160℃/320℉): The thicker layer of glow-in-the-dark mica powder will produce longer and brighter luminosity. The glowing time of glow-in-the-dark resin powder depends on the light absorbing time and the intensity of light. More glowing powder and more light absorbed will come along longer glow. Don’t grind the glow powder, it will destroy the crystal structure and therefore decrease luminosity.

LET’S RESIN Liquid Mirror Chrome Metallic Markers, Reflective Gloss, 2-5mm Larger Application Area, 3 Colors Epoxy Resin Tools

Amazon's Top Resin Art Supplies 2023
  • Ideal for Resin Crafts 2-5mm Chrome Marker: Compared with ordinary paint markers, LET’S RESIN chrome markers are insoluble in epoxy resin. Perfect for use on resin art and other smooth surfaces. The resin supplies come in 3 color markers(gold, silver, and copper)with a writing width of 2-5mm, providing thicker, more precise coverage and control. Suitable for stroking, painting, and coloring.
  • Wide Application: Mirror chrome markers can show high-gloss metal reflective effects on a variety of materials. It is very suitable for use with LET’S RESIN epoxy resin and resin molds for resin coloring, coaster strokes, domino coloring, writing, painting, etc. If you want a better preservation effect, you can cover it with resin after completion. It can also be used on models, stones, wheel rims, metal, glass, ceramics, plastics, car parts, shoes, and other smooth and non-absorbent surfaces.
  • Mirror Effect & Long-Lasting Ink: The markers are formulated with a unique ink that is highly pigmented, premium high gloss liquid chrome, and is highly opaque. It has good anti-ultraviolet ability, strong coverage, and an amazing mirror effect, which keeps high gloss and brightness for a long time, showing the effect like a mirror. After the ink is dried, it has good water resistance and stability, and the highlight is not easy to fade.
  • Smooth Writing: This liquid chrome marker adopts an innovative valve design, the fluidity of ink is improved, there will be no pause or leakage, and it has a better gloss and mirror effect on a smooth and non-absorbent surface. Before use ①Shake the pen holder up and down to mix the ink evenly ②Press the pen tip upward for 3-4s to release the air in the pen tube.③Do not press hard to paint, wait for about 2-3s after the paint self-leveling will show a mirror effect.

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