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Supplies you can GIFT to the Acrylic Paint Pouring Artist in your life!

The ULTIMATE Acrylic Paint Pouring Gift Giving Guide

When my family and friends ask, “what can I give you” I usually say a Michaels Arts & Crafts gift card or a Visa gift card to go buy the supplies I need for my art. Every year I keep hearing how gift cards are too generic of a gift to give. I thought it would be nice to send my family and friends a list to purchase those supplies for me directly.

I created this Gift Giving Guide from a list of supplies I use in my studio and LOVE to receive as a gift! Most of these items are replenishable and to have them in stock in my studio makes these items a top priority! I have also included “add-on” items to help you create an amazing gift idea for your loved one!

the ultimate acrylic paint pouring buyers guide

One of the most FREQUENTLY used items in my studio is Flood Floetrol. Floetrol is a water-based paint conditioner that is used as a pouring medium for acrylic paints. It helps to improve paint flow and workability of paint. I use A LOT of it!

Any Acrylic Paint Pouring Artist will feel loved when they receive this as a gift!

Add-on: Pair the Flood Floetrol with Liquitex Metallic Paint for a great gift set!

the ultimate acrylic paint pouring buyers guide

In my studio, a torch is a must-have item! A torch is used to provide quick heat to acrylic paint pours to release the air bubbles, creating beautiful cells.

I actually own two of them because I use them in the classes I teach. I am thinking of purchasing a third to have it readily available within reach at any time while I am creating. I do spend too much time looking for where I last placed it, lol!

Add-on: Don’t forget the fuel!!

the ultimate acrylic paint pouring buyers guide

I LOVE my rotating stand! I can use this stand with just about any of my paint pouring techniques, and quite often, I combine techniques and use this stand to SPIN the paint into new patterns.

This is a MUST HAVE item in any acrylic paint pouring studio!

the ultimate acrylic paint pouring buyers guide

The World’s Smallest Leaf Blower! As soon as I saw this, I said, “I know what I can use this for!” This is PERFECT for blowing the paint without a lot of force, and it saves my walls from becoming messy as well!

The black nose is removable, which is helpful for a more forceful burst of air.

the ultimate acrylic paint pouring buyers guide

Metallic paint makes a great gift! Liquitex is heavier body paint, and I love how the metallics dry with a shimmer, and they are fun to work with!

Some artists like to combine these paints with water, but I find water takes away from these paints’ beauty. I recommend using the Flood Floetrol to thin these paints instead of water to keep the metallic luster and shimmer.

Add-on: Combine this gift set with Flood Floetrol!

the ultimate acrylic paint pouring buyers guide

Mixing paint requires containers you can store the paint in. I love these 5.5-ounce containers! They are the perfect size to mix paint without messy spills, and they have lids to store the paint until the next project.

Another great feature of these containers is that they are stackable! If your artist is anything like me, space is always a problem. Being able to stack these paint containers is not only helpful but a necessity!

the ultimate acrylic paint pouring buyers guide

Amsterdam paints are a MUST-HAVE item for the Sheelee Art Bloom Pours! The formulation of these paints helps create beautiful cells that transform into blooms when stretched.

Add-On: Sheelee created Bloom Pours, a beautiful and amazing technique that requires some practice and requires instruction. This class makes a GREAT GIFT for all acrylic paint pouring artists! The class also includes a Facebook community invite to learn from talented people all over the world!

I am excited to share with you information on how you can take the same class I took: CLICK HERE AND if you use this code at checkout:
❤➜ sheleeart15DHA, you will receive a 15% discount!

the ultimate acrylic paint pouring buyers guide

My preferred way to finish and seal my acrylic paint pour paintings is to use Rust-oleum Crystal Clear Enamel. This spray is easy to apply and creates a strong, glossy finish that makes my paint colors POP!

I have created a video on how I apply the spray to my paintings. CLICK HERE Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and “ring the bell” to get notifications when I upload new videos!

Your support helps me keep creating… Thank you!

the ultimate acrylic paint pouring buyers guide

Okay, this sounds crazy, but this Milk Frother is a handy tool in my studio! I used to help mix my acrylic paints with my pouring medium. ANYTHING to help mix paint is always useful!

This is battery-operated and lightweight.

Add-on: Combine this with Flood Floetrol and Liquitex Metallic Paint for a great gift set!

the ultimate acrylic paint pouring buyers guide

Acrylic Paint Pouring Artists are always looking for surfaces to pour on! This mini canvas set is a PERFECT gift to give! It contains 12 mini 8″ natural wood display easels with 5″ x 5″ stretched canvases.

To get an idea of how these canvas kits can be used, here is a video I created using this same kit:

Mini Canvas Acrylic Paint Pouring
the ultimate acrylic paint pouring buyers guide

Squeeze bottles are always LOVED with Acrylic Paint Pouring artists! Using these bottles to apply the paint is very helpful, especially in the Ribbon Pour technique. They help create clean paint lines and help apply small amounts of paint when needed.

These come in various sizes and are super easy to clean!

the ultimate acrylic paint pouring buyers guide

LiquiTex paints are always a good choice for gift giving! They are heavier-bodied paints which mean less paint is used to create amazing art pieces. The colors are bold and fun.

Add-on: Combine this gift set with Flood Floetrol!

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